CASA Superhero Run

You can make a difference!

Superman was adopted. Spiderman was an orphan, raised by his aunt and uncle. Batman grew up with his butler, Alfred, who was his guardian and father figure.

Despite these circumstances, these superheroes were able to accomplish great things as adults.

This is what we want for our CASA children, who come from backgrounds that are not always ideal.

Use your superpowers to support CASA as we make sure abused and neglected children are placed in safe, permanent homes where they can become the people they were destined to be!

You can be a hero!

You probably can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. And you likely don’t have x-ray vision. But you can work wonders for abused and neglected children in our community. Use your superpowers by giving a voice to an abused or neglected child who doesn’t have one.

CASA of Fayette County has the mission to recruit, train, and support community volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children involved in dependency court proceedings in Fayette County. When the state steps in to protect a child's safety, a judge appoints a trained CASA volunteer to get to know the child’s situation and offer objective, informed recommendations about what services and outcomes are in his/her best interest.

Every child needs a hero, but abused children need superheroes. To ensure we can serve all children referred to our program, we will host our 2nd Annual CASA Superhero Run on October 22, 2022, at Sheepskin Trail in Uniontown. The event will feature a 5K race and kids’ run.